PVC Coated Mesh

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Vinyl Coated Woven Polyester Mesh

Tufmesh™ is a PVC-coated woven polyester specially designed for the truck cover and tarp industry. It is also suited for other markets like fencing and recreational/athletic applications. Stocked in 10oz./yd. with a construction of 11 x 11, 840 denier in various colors and widths up to 120″ wide.

Additional deniers and constructions available upon special order. Lower cost multicolored mesh is stocked in 72″ and 96″ widths.

C10655-10 oz.- 11X11 72″ width 100 yard rolls White, Tan, Gray, Red, Burgundy, Orange,
Yellow, Green, Dark
Green, Blue, Black
C10655-10 oz.- 11X11 96″ & 120″ width 100 yard rolls Black  
C10999-MULTI–COLORED 72″, 96″, & 120″ width 100 yard rolls Multi- Colored  
C12652 – 12oz, 11 X 11, 1300D 96″ width 100 yard rolls Black pdf
C22888-22oz.- 22 X 22, 4 X 4 Full Panama 96″ width 100 yard rolls Multi-Colored  pdf




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A PVC-coated, flame retardant (CSFM), woven polyester mesh specially designed for recreational/athletic, marine, screen, and shade applications. Constructed of 17×11,1000 denier, 60” width, and has a 65% shade factor. Various colors available. Standard width is 60”. Up to 120″ widths available upon special order.

C14656 – 14oz 60″ width 60 yard rolls White, Green, Red, Blue, Black pdf




Vinyl Coated Weft Inserted Mesh











Coated Weft Inserted Polyester Mesh BondCote manufactures a line of weft inserted mesh products for tennis windscreens, tarps, playground equipment and various other applications.

L60611-9 X 9, 1000 DENIER 60/61″ width 75 yard rolls White, Tan, Yellow, Green, Dark Green,
L60611-9 X 9, 1000 DENIER 72″ width 75 yard rolls Fire Orange, Yellow
L80424-18 X 14, 1000 DENIER 57″ width 150 yard rolls Dark Green, Black pdf
C60651 – 9X9, 1000 DENIER 63″ width 300 yard rolls Red, Yellow, Spruce Green, Light Blue, Blue pdf
C60651 – 9X9, 1000 DENIER 93/98″width 200 yard rolls Black