Recreational / Athletic

Gym Floor Covers and General Purpose Athletic

Our flame retardant PVC coated fabrics meet the stringent requirements imposed by the State of California Fire Marshall, NFPA 701, ASTM E84, FAR 25.853, and FMVSS 302.These products are ideal for applications such as interactive inflatables, gym floor covers, gym divider curtains, or any demanding application where flame retardant fabric is required.

Coated Fabrics

C18402 – 18 oz. 61 1/4” width 110 yard rolls Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black








Laminated Fabrics

C10641 – 10oz. 61″ width 100 yard rolls White, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black
C13604 – 13oz. 61″ width 100 yard rolls White, Tan, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black