BondBarrier ™ System

Chemical and Biological Protective Fabric

BondBarrier™ is a family of high performance composite fabrics engineered as chemical and biological barriers against man made and environmental threats utilizing Saint-Gobain CoreTech™ Barrier Membrane.

These compositesNG EMEDS Straight on are designed to provide a wide range of protection against warfare agents as well as TICs for a minimum of 72 hours. These composites are constructed to meet the physical requirements of MIL-PRF-44103, including flame resistance, blackout, and mildew resistance. BondBarrierTM composite family currently consists of a range of products including, but not limited to, exterior wall/floor, liner, plenum, and ducting. These composites were developed to allow standard fabrication welding techniques to be utilized, including RF, hot air, hot wedge, and hot bar.


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