SpeedRepair™ Adhesive Tape

Adhesive Backed Repair Tape

SpeedRepair (TM) is an adhesive backed coated or laminated fabric used to quickly and temporarily repair tears and punctures. It eliminates the need for an additional adhesive in your repair kit. No mess, no hazards, no special handling. Just Peel, Stick, and Go. Typical roll size is 30″ x 150’, but can be provide in various sizes including patches. Most adhesive backed fabrics are stock items.  See our below YouTube video on how to apply the repair tape.

Peel the adhesive tape from its backing

Stick and you are ready to Go!

Liquid Repair

Do you ever have a need for a liquid repair to cover a scratch? BondCote can provide a solution with either vinyl or urethane paint. Products are provided in gallon, quart, or pint containers. They are available in clear or pigmented to the desired color.