Pulaski Rocks @ BondCote

(Printed in the SouthWest Times Newspaper, Pulaski, VA)
Pulaski Rocks @ BondCote By: Neesey Payne
While other textile companies are shipping their headquarters overseas; BondCote has remained a staple in Pulaski County for over 60 years. How is this possible? According to Ted Anderson president and CEO, the company’s longevity in the community is credited to “our employees, technical development and production capabilities.” BondCote is a “textile converter,” which takes fabric and supplies it to companies that make various products such as transportation and swimming pool covers. However, the largest market for which BondCote supplies is the armed forces; making fabrics that serve as tents, shelter and covers for Humvee’s and other equipment.

The company specializes in creating new fabrics based on the needs of customer’s requests; BondCote has many products in the works. These products include creating a fabric that shields signals. For example the fabric would not allow a cell phone to be used, thus making it a good defense mechanism. They are also working with the Department of Defense on a chemical biological fabric, a medical fabric using a nano technology, as well as disaster relief shelters.

BondCote’s products are used globally, appearing in countries such as Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Mount Everest. The future is looking bright for BondCote as the company will continue to work on developing new products for homeland security and developing fabrics per customer request. Last year, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership accepted BondCote into its two-year Virginia Leaders in Exporting Trade Program. The company’s main office is located behind BB&T at 509 Burgis Ave. in Pulaski. BondCote also has another location in the Industrial Park in Dublin. There are 87 employees working to fulfill BondCote’s service to the community and the country.

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