Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life of a BondCote roof?
It’s impossible to predict the service life of a roof system. We issue warranties for up to 20 years on our systems, and we have a number of 20+ year old installations in place today. Millions of square feet of BondCote have been installed around the world and, in over 20 years, our products have performed as designed.

Is BondCote available in only one thickness?
BondCote offers a full range of membranes to respond to any environmental condition. Various thicknesses from 50 mils (.050″) to 80 mils (.080″) are available.

Does BondCote offer a product that can be installed directly over a smooth surface without using a slip sheet?
BondCote’s FleeceBond product eliminates the need for insulation, re-cover boards, or slip sheet. FleeceBond combines the proven performance of BondCote’s thermoplastic membrane with a high performance polyester fleece fabric. FleeceBond can be mechanically attached or fully adhered with adhesive over approved substrates.

Is BondCote only available in white?
No. BondCote offers three standard colors: white, tan, and gray. In addition, BondCote Spectrum offers a variety of custom colors.

We have a lot of traffic on our roof. Does BondCote offer some type of protection for this area of our roof?
BondGard walkpads have been designed to go over BondCote’s mechanically attached and fully adhered roof systems. They are 1/8″ thick and feature a raised traffic surface tread to enhance footing. Once installed, these walkpads clearly mark where to walk on the roof and define the passageway that has been added to provide access to rooftop equipment.

Who can purchase BondCote?
Only qualified applicators can purchase our BondCote products. BondCote has built their reputation on performance and a properly trained installer is one of the keys to roof system performance.

How can I get a BondCote roof?
Simply contact us at 800-368-2160, give us your information and we will have one of our local qualified applicators arrange to visit your facility and provide an estimate.

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to call 800-368-2160, or email to ask us a question.

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