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BondCote roof membrane installations

These roofs show the variety of building conditions and design considerations that BondCote roof membranes can accommodate.

BondCote has manufactured our uniquely formulated thermoplastic roof membrane for almost 35 years. The roof membrane can be used in both low slope and steep slope assemblies and can be either mechanically attached or fully adhered. In addition, the lightweight nature of the product makes it ideal for recovery systems that reduce the amount of tear off debris in landfills and control roofing costs. BondCote’s NBP products are just as appropriate when the building is new or when the existing roof system is not appropriate for a recovery.

Let the BondCote team ensure that your next roof system is one that will give you that peace of mind that every building owner is looking for. BondCote’s group of certified professional contractors are quality people who perform quality installations. These installations are backed by a BondCote guarantee.

At BondCote, quality is our first priority. BondCote’s Quality Management System has been certified as compliant with ISO 9001:2008, which exhibits our true commitment to providing you with quality products and services.

At BondCote, quality products, quality service and clean air. That’s our commitment to you. If you want additional information about BondCote and our products, just click on one of the links in the Roofing pull down menus.


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