Family of Fabrics – Texineering® of the HEYtex® and BondCote™ brands

Bramsche, March 2015 | Techtextil 2015 (hall 3 booth B75)

Nearly all things can be made or improved upon using technical textiles.  Many different applications have become part of our everyday life: tarpaulins, tents, hot-air balloons, and sport mats made of technical textiles are used everywhere.  Not only shade sails, but entire stadium roofing structures are made of finely woven and innovatively coated materials.  Oil barriers are put to use in disaster control and environmental protection.  Wildfires are fought as water containers filled with fire extinguishing fluids are put to use and military equipment is dispersed through crisis areas.

“With our technical textiles we cover a very broad spectrum in the true sense of the word“, says Dr. Heribert Decher, CEO of the international Heytex Group, which specializes on problem solving with functional technical textiles and large format printable sign media, “but the possibilities for industrial applications are nearly unlimited.”

For such industrial applications, Heytex created the formula “Textile + Engineering = Texineering® and has had this term copyright-protected from the start.  As access to the markets seems to be as unlimited as the possibilities offered by the products, Heytex established the “Family of Fabrics“ and welcomed the American colleagues of BondCote from Pulaski, Virginia, as a new member of the group in January 2015. Dr. Decher: “No matter whether in the American, European, or Asian markets – we are wherever our customers are.  “Synergy as a customer benefit.

BondCote concentrates on military and civil applications.  From now on, the Heytex Group will be present in four locations on three continents and present itself for the first time together with BondCote to interested experts at the international fair “Techtextil” in May.  “Discover the many faces of fabric” is the slogan that the “Family of Fabric” will present in Frankfurt in a virtual and tangible way.

With exhibits, models, and multimedia presentations the visitor will learn everything about the product world of the HEYtex® and BondCoteTM brands and their unique advantages for industrial applications.

150317_PM_Heytex_HEYboats+HEYbarrierImage: 2 Examples of applications from the comprehensive product world of HEYtex® and BondCote™

Image: 2 Examples of applications from the comprehensive product world of HEYtex® and BondCote™

The nomenclature of the Heytex products makes it easy for the user to find feasible applications for the material: HEYstore for use in watertight, extremely light, and tear-resistant containers.  HEYflex for bellows that are kink resistant, flexible at low temperatures, and abrasion-proof.  HEYbarrier for extremely robust oil barriers that require excellent resistance to mineral oil and solutions for mobile flood protection systems.

In addition to the products already established on the market, Heytex and BondCote are able to adjust to new market challenges.  Customized solutions can be developed when selecting the appropriate base fabric and adding numerous possible coatings or their combinations into one product.

In this context, Dr. Decher explained: “Our customers make us aware of new possibilities of application that do not even exist yet” – and thus they are virtually part of our family.

TEXINEERING® = Textile meets Engineering.
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