Who We Are

BondCote Corporation is ISO 9001-2008 Certified.

Mission Statement: To provide finished products which consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers with a commitment to continual improvement, in short “Our word is our Bond.”


Our History

BondCote Corporation was founded in 1949 in Pulaski, VA and began fabricating U.S. Army ponchos. In 1952, the company began coating the fabric used in the ponchos along with other specialty coated items. During the past 61 years, we have led our industry providing millions of yards of quality, durable, and lightweight military and industrial fabrics. We have sustained our position by developing new innovative and functional products. As our company has grown through the years, we have strived to meet industry needs. In the 1980’s BondCote was one of the developers of synthetic fabrics that replaced canvas as the primary material for shelters. BondCote was the first to develop a skid resistant flooring product, and in 1997, we developed a new light weight, heat-sealable fabric for military shelters. In 2001, BondCote introduced SpeedRepair TM adhesive repair tape, a quick peel and stick patch system for shelter and commercial systems. View our Company Brochure

Manufacturing Technology

BondCote Corporation offers state of the art, computerized coating technology in a wide range of coated, laminated, and composite fabrics. In 1996 and 2006, BondCote made many system and technology upgrades including a new coating line. Our newest coating line is equipped with a beta gauge that measures thickness while the product is being coated. BondCote has the combined capability to produce more than 10,000,000 yards per year to meet our customers’ demands. BondCote offers various types, colors, and weights of fabrics. All of our manufactured products are 100% in-house inspected to ensure that we consistently meet or exceed the quality demands of our customers. All master rolls are tested in the manufacturing and inspection processes. BondCote also provides special roll sizes for our customers, from 50 to 500 yard rolls. We offer slitting capabilities from 3/4″ on all our products. BondCote has extensive testing capabilities in our onsite physical laboratory, allowing us to ensure that all products meet the required specifications, such as flame resistance, coating and laminate adhesion, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and tensile strength. BondCote also maintains a weathering facility for testing, and research and development.